TGIFF…pattern giveaway!

Thank God Friday comes around on a regular basis! Truly, it’s our fave day of the week, and partly because we get to play Lady Quiltiful and toss out freebies to our masses. (It’s good to be Queen.)

And this Friday Freebie comes right before Mother’s Day, which gives it extra significance in our minds. What would any stitchin’ mama want for Mother’s Day, other than a few quiet hours to piece in peace?  We love our babies, but imagine this: The thundering herd has gone to the movies…a little TJ’s lunch waits on the ironing board…the phone ringer is turned down…a cold drink is stashed out of harm’s way…and the machine is humming. Bliss!

If you get the chance to spend Mother’s Day in the sewing room (or even if you don’t), dig your needles into this crisp, snappy pattern from those crazy chicks at LizzieBcre8ive, Liz Hawkins and Beth Hawkins.

It's a Sunshine Day by LizzieBCre8ive

It’s a Sunshine Day first ran in Quilter’s Home back in July-August 2008–and used fabrics and trim from Michael Miller Fabrics–but the applique in this fanciful floral tribute has staying power. (And if you choose fusible as your method of application, it’s easy!)  Sunshine Day’s use of rick-rack (still a fun trend) gives it some multi-media panache, too. (Note to self: Try this with Riley Blake’s baby ball fringe??)

The creative duo has only gained speed since they designed It’s a Sunshine Day. Here’s a little of what they’re up to lately:

* New Hip Happy fabric line coming out next month with Henry Glass.

* New Quiltin’ Happy booklet coming out at Spring Quilt Market, featuring 7 hip and easy quilt patterns.

* New spring issue of their free  e-zine, Dream Laugh Create. (Check it out on their website. We heard rumors of more giveaways there, guys.)

Thanks, Liz and Beth, for being a part of the quilty fun. You’ll find all the directions and templates for It’s a Sunshine Day on the Quilter’s Home website. Enjoy!–Jake and Melissa

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Mail call…

We got the nicest note the other day from Amy Bradley of Amy Bradley Designs.
“I love reading your magazine,” she says. “It is a breath of fresh air and it keeps getting better and better!”

Amy goes on to comment about a new pattern she slipped in with the note—a Christmas quilt and pillow assortment that includes a quirky penguin version and a striking nutcracker version with big toothy grins and fancy hats.

“Quilters are especially having fun making the nutcracker version,” she says. “It’s a great quilt for all those nutcracker collectors.”

The nutcracker version from Amy Bradley's new holiday quilt pattern

Thanks for the pattern update and the kind words, Amy! The Quilter’s Home deadlines and work-filled evenings (because we both work from home offices) are worth it when we hear back from readers.—Jake and Melissa

P.S. Amy also included one of her funky Quilt Diva pins, which will probably find its way into a reader giveaway soon. And that’s another fun part of our jobs…giving stuff away! Isn’t it great when some of your work is more like play?

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TGIFF Results

If you haven’t already heard the news on the Quilter’s Home Facebook page, we’ve picked some lucky winners for this week’s Friday Freebie. The question was “What’s the best excuse you’ve heard (or given) for a trip to the fabric shop?” Here were the winning answers:

First Place–“I think I need a quilt for the afterlife and I ran out of one of the sashing fabrics.” –Liz Healy

Second Place–“I just need a little more binding and maybe a new sewing machine before I can finish the quilt. Binding–$1.79. New sewing machine–a little over $6,000.”–Sandy Thrasher Harbison

Third Place–“About to be hit by snow/ice storm. Had to stock up.”–Susie Gary Kirk

Here’s what Liz wins:

Our TGIFF giveaway for April 29...

It’s a full tower of Holly Taylor’s Dragonfly Summer collection by Moda.

Sandy and Susie will win goodie bags of unspecified nature, but they’ll be fun and quilty. (Jake is organizing her sewing room/office, which has TONS of fabrics and quilty tools from various suppliers.)

And if you didn’t win, well, you still won. Go to the Quilter’s Home website, where we just posted a free recipe for a Citrus Lavender Martini. Here comes the weekend!!–Jake and Melissa

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We’ve moved!

Just a quickie to tell you that the Quilter’s Home blog, Life = Creativity, is now living in a new place.

Why  did we move to a new location? All in search of greater functionality so we can stir up more fun for you, Q-bies! It’ll has a great new look, faster connections with the Quilter’s Home website and it’s easier to share with your q-pals who might not know about us yet. (And we do soooo love to make new friends!)

C’mon! Join us. After all, our blog is one of the few places where you can find out about our giveaways, contests, Friday Freebies and other quilty nonsense. Looking forward to seeing you here!

–Jake and Melissa

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Nope, that's not a typo. Today we start the weekend fun with a Friday Freebie, a weekly gift from Quilter's Home to you.  Now, our Friday Freebies might be anything from fun quilt patterns to great recipes to cool projects…but they're all FREE, and the links will ONLY be announced here on our blog or on our Facebook page. (Another reason to go "like" us, if you haven't
already joined the Q-bie clan.)

Today's Friday Freebie is Bubblicious, a simple but fun quilt pattern by Marj Moore of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Marj teaches regularly throughout Canada, bringing decades of experience to her craft. (She's been quilting since she was 11!)

Marj was the Featured Quilter at the quilt show held last week by the Moose Jaw guild. And if you've got the great good luck to be in Newfoundland in May, she'll be teaching at least three classes. And she's scheduled to present a trunk show to the Regina guild in June. Check out her blog to see more of her beautiful work and to find out what she's up to.

Click here to download your copy of Marj's Bubblicious. Can't you just see this flapping in the breeze on your porch in some sparked-up prints in springy or summery hues? Thanks, Marj! And have a great weekend, everybody!

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Stripping with Eleanor

I got to watch Eleanor Burns strip Saturday.  

Yep, the great Ms. Burns put on quite a show for those of us attending the Young Piecemakers Quilt Guild on Saturday, April 9, in Corona, California. We'll be featuring more about this incredible guild whose members are all kids in an upcoming issue of Quilter's Home, but I just had to share with you now some of the fun we had at Eleanor's lecture.

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Blankets for Babies

The fabric was really flying at Hip Stitch fabric boutique and sewing lounge in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this past weekend! Saturday, March 19, was National Quilting Day, of course, and stitchers from Project Linus Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild came together in the back room at Hip Stitch to sew blankets for Project Linus. (A worthy way to observe the q-holiday, I think. And because the staff at Quilter's Home magazine is sprinkled throughout four different time zones, we all had to find our own way to celebrate. I decided to throw my thread in with the gang assembling at Hip Stitch.) The morning crew at this daylong event numbered about 8 to 10, as people came and went, donating whatever time they had. These sewing machine warriors were churning out flannel-backed toddler quilts like nobody's business, using a well-honed system that was built for speed as they made comfort (to obliterate a well-known phrase). 

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Quilting 911

Hey, Q-bies! Today's guest blogger is Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios. Read all about his adventures designing a quilt with the inaugural Ty Pennington's Impressions  collection. And for a glimpse of the man himself snuggled in Scott's new creation (on the beach in Florida, probably barefoot, ready to kick back…don't you wish you were there, too?) don't miss our April-May 2011 issue. Now on newsstands!  

The text message said it was a quilting emergency. That made me laugh, and it made me intensely curious. Just what is a magazine editor's quilting emergency?

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Healing Art

My brother Peter is a year younger than me and lives in Fairbanks, Alaska. On Feb. 3 he  was involved in a horrible car accident. He was entering the local highway, lost control of his car on a turn and sailed through a guardrail. He went airborne, hit a light pole and then fell 30 feet down an embankment next to the Chena River, which runs through the city.

He was not speeding or drinking and was wearing his seat belt, which saved his life. Several witnesses called the accident in immediately and within several hours, emergency personnel had my brother out of the car and airlifted to Anchorage, where he underwent immediate brain surgery for severe blunt force trauma to the left side of his head.

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Something to Talk About

An art quilt with naughty bits captured the spotlight at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton, Virginia late last month, sparking debate about what's proper (or not) to render in bits of cloth and patchwork and hang in a public venue.

Here's a picture of the quilt, as posted on the website of WAVY TV 10, a Portsmouth, Virginia, television station that reported on the well-known quilt show.

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