A Heartfelt Good-Bye

Well, this is not exactly the message we wanted to be writing to you in this post, but here’s the big news: Effective with the August/September issue, Quilter’s Home will cease publication. Why? It seems more of you are turning to the web for quilting lifestyle information rather than the newsstand.

Now, Quilter’s Home may never have reached a huge audience, but we politely suggest that success can bedefined in different ways. Tons of you have told us that our editorial efforts have been vastly more successful, that we’ve given you much more than mere pages of projects to flip throughand that we’ve validated your commitment to living creatively with features, columns and projects that celebrate all aspects of a quilter/crafter/stitcher’s life.

And we’ve enjoyed pushing hard to bring you fun, edgy, interesting content that kept you inthe q-zone, even when you were not in front of the machine. We’ve showcased the homes of “fun-and-famous” celeb quilters…dug into the innermost thoughts of high-profile quilterati…scoped out the best quilty blogs and websites…told you the truth about the best tools and equipment…given you design ideas and patterns for quiltifying your life, home and wardrobe…helped you connect with your inner muses…and given you both tears and laughter. It’s been a great ride, Q-bies, and we’re grateful. Thank you.

And Quilter’s Home subscribers won’t be empty-handed for long. Your subscriptions will be fulfilled with Quilters Newsletter instead. QN has a new editor (Dana Jones), and we hear great things are afoot, so give it a chance, okay? And no worries if you are already a Quilters Newsletter subscriber – your remaining Quilter’s Home issues will be tacked on to your current QN order. For us, well, the next chapter is still being written (and great things could be afoot here, too…just saying). Keep track of us on Facebook and feel free to contact us via e-mail (melissajtmaher@msn.com and alljake@hotmail.com). And if you see us prowling the aisles atthe next Festival or Market, stop us to say hi.

We’d love to hear from you.

Quilt forth,

Jake & Melissa

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14 Responses to A Heartfelt Good-Bye

  1. Becky Sowell says:

    When Mark left the magazine, I thought oh no another magazine down the drain. But I kept my subscription and loved ya’ll even more!! I loved curling up and reading your magazine. I will miss you dearly. You were more than just a quilting magazine. I loved it. i know more and more people are using Kindles and going to electronics for reading. But that will never take the place of paper magazines for me. I love curling up with a quilt and a good quilting magazine for the afternoon. I wish you both well. You will be missed

  2. Beth McCasland says:

    Am deeply distressed with the corporate decision to cancel Quilter’s Home Magazine. I actually stopped subscribing to Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine after I found QH. Now I’m stuck with it for 2 more years. I liked the format and the cheekiness of QH – a bit of quilting, a bit of fun in the home. Why mess with a good thing?
    Also, one of the reasons you give is that more people are “turning to the web” instead of “the newsstand.” Well, I guess I’m showing my age, I prefer thumbing through a magazine than spending lots of time browsing the web. I’m on a computer 9-5 at work, so the last thing I want to do when I come home is to spend even more time on the computer.
    Given a vote, well I did vote, I renewed for two more years. I’m extremely disappointed with the the decision. I feel like my exciting new friends have let me down, and don’t want my company any more.
    Boo Hiss and Bah Humbug to the folks in the corporate office!

  3. Regina says:

    I am very saddened by this news – yours is the only quilt magazine I read from beginning to end – I looked forward to each issue – always appreciated the Posse tests and results – is there any thought regarding an e-magazine only of Quilter’s Home? Good luck to all in their future endeavors -

  4. Laura Daly says:

    I am going to miss this magazine ….. I was trying to down load the patterns School rocks and can not seem to find them can you please email them to me thank you Laura…. tora@current.net

  5. Jeannie Lusby says:

    Jake and Mellisa, I am so sorry to see you go. I’ve been a subscriber since Mark introduced QH and I have LOVED every issue, every article. My daughter and I read every copy cover to cover. I’ve counted on your product ratings to guide my many purchases of all things “quilty” and will miss you so much!! You promoted quilting and quilters to a whole new level with style and class. Thanks for being there. Best wishes to you all of you at QH. Jeannie from Church Hill, MD.

  6. Sue Hines says:

    Wow, so very disappointed. Like Laura Daly said above, I went to the web looking for the download for school rocks projects, couldn’t find them and went to the blog. I have not had a chance to read the newest issue yet, but this is the ONLY magazine I subscribe to and I always look forward to it and read it cover to cover. I’ve been a subscriber since the start and although some items in the mag have offended me, I still remained since it overall is so much fun and a good resource. Nothing on the market compares, and I’m always sorry with other purchases. I, too, as others have said, enjoy a paper magazine. I feel like QH has inspired me in starting a quilty-type business of making purses and bags. Thanks for that, and best of everything to those who are losing their jobs.

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  8. Leslie M says:

    This is so sad. I’m relatively new to quilting and always learned something from every issue. I’m a bigtime blog reader but nothing can compare with coming home after a crummy day and relaxing in the tub with a copy of QH (even if it’s months old!). I will miss that shiny new bit of encouragement arriving in my mailbox. Be well and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that QN will be just as much fun. You are leaving big shoes to fill!

  9. Mary Segur says:

    I am disappointed beyond words that my very favorite quilting magazine will no longer be available. I was actually considering not renewing my QNL because I love Quilter’s Home so much. I liked the easy going style of the magazine and found so much useful and entertaining information in its pages. I think this is a HUGE mistake. Please bring Quilter’s Home back.

  10. Barbara Coggswell says:

    I could not find the free pattern on http://www.QuiltersHomeMag.com/schoolrocks. I am particularly interested in the rockin’ folder. Can that pattern be sent to my email address? Thank You.

  11. Judy Ducharme says:

    I am saddened by the loss of the magazine. I loved this last issue as it had some modern quilts in it along with the pattern and directions. I had always been a traditional quilter but as I expand my quilting horizens looking for new challenges I have found a fondess towards the modern quilt
    for me some of the trendy looking bright and loud fabrics do not fit in with my decor yet I always find more modern quilts seem to adapt better, maybe because the fabrics and colors are simple and more quilting can be done on them and the quilting shows up on solids as opposed to prints.
    I sincerely hope that with this door closing for the staff of the magazine that another door will open up to better quilting opportunities in a different light. I still have all my issues and will save them in my achives and they will still inspire me for years to come. Thank you for giving us in the quilting world a glimpse of inspiration to reach out beyond the norm and try something new. I think one of the best stories I have ever read and still tickles me is the one of quiltzilla as I have met several over the years and chuckle everytime I meet one I think of that article. So long and farewell to all you who have given me so much
    Judy Ducharme

  12. Sabrina says:

    I am sooooo sad and disappointed to hear this news!!!!!! (And I really don’t want the Quilters newsletter! BORING) Loved all of the articles you wrote and the great mix of articles and great projects. As with most quilters I have an abundance of projects lined up……so I LOVED reading your articles on the creative process, the quilting “lifestyle”, product reviews and so on. You will be dearly missed!!!!

    BTW, I LOVED the school rocks quilt!! I am a high tech quilter in my early 30’s who LOVES out of the box, modern, fun quilts. That is tough to find in the magazines……they need to get with the times. Atleast the fabric makers are catching on!

  13. Naomi Ishiguro says:

    What a sad situation to lose a magazine so many of us “experienced” quilters love! Sad to lose
    the print media little by little with newspapers, magazines & books going to electronic media.
    Good luck to you. I have recently been a part of a quilt co-op of vendors who have had to close our doors because of the slow demise of quilters & quilting.

  14. Julie says:

    Oh NO! I just discovered your magazine and was going to subscribe! :-(

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