TGIFF….Happy New Year!

Relax! Those margaritas you guzzled poolside over the weekend did not send you into a Rip VanWinklesque sleep until the chilly days of January. That’s just the name of the latest (and belated) Friday Freebie: Happy New Year by Ann Frischkorn and Amy Sandrin.

We just thought you might enjoy a little effervescence, q-style, for a new project. (But about those margaritas….what’s that our moms used to say about moderation? Okay, we’re teasing!)

Back to this energetic pattern. Happy New Year originally ran in the December 2006 issue of Quilter’s Home.

Its frothy, swirling bubbles were originally intended to have hemmed edges and be appliqued by either hand or machine. If you’re not interested in doing the hemmed edges, you could reduce the circumference of each bubble slightly, and do raw-edged, fused applique instead. We still recommend, though, that you machine-stitch around the edges of the fused bubbles. Just gives it a fast-but-good finish.

Now, you know we like to tell you a little about what our Freebie designers have been up to since their patterns ran in the long-ago pages of Quilter’s Home, but we’re coming up empty on Amy and Ann. If you know where to find these gals, give us a shout, and we’ll share what we find out.

Meanwhile, enjoy playing with their strippy Happy New Year creation. Maybe thinking about January’s crispness will help you beat the heat!–Jake and Melissa

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