Sweet Friday….Our latest freebie!!

Time for another blast of free quiltiness….this week’s Friday Freebie is Crazy Daisy by Tracy Ward of 3-B Girls Quilts in San Antonio, Texas.

This sorta-scrappy number with whimsical appliqued flowers would work up quickly to give you something fresh to snuggle under when you’re listening to a concert some night at the local zoo, or watching an outdoor movie at the city park. (June nights can still be a bit chilly in some locales, dontcha know…)


Tracy’s design originally ran in the April/May 2009 issue of Quilter’s Home. Her original creation featured ginghams, plaids and dots in reds, yellows and whites–with a splash of blue and green–for what we think is an appealing downhome country vibe. (Think Alan Jackson, not geese or moose). And that definitely works for a summery throw, but we can also see it in edgier prints and maybe the so-trendy aqua/red c0lorway.

Now, 3-B Girls bills itself as creating patterns¬† that the “lack-of-time quilter” can whip out for maximum satisfaction in a minimum time frame. (Uh, count us in here!) Tracy has been quilting for nearly eight years and creating patterns for about two years.¬† She’s been on hiatus, dealing with the loss of her mother. (Our sincere condolences, Tracy.) But her doodle pad is full of new designs she plans to release soon. Keep track of her via her 3-B Girls Facebook page. Thanks, Tracy, for being a part of the Friday Freebies madness!–Jake and Melissa


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