QH on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Okay, on this pre-Market countdown day, with less than 20 hours before we step onto planes headed for Salt Lake City, we got a major thrill. Our April-May cover guy, Ty Pennington, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. AND SO WAS QUILTER’S HOME!

Jimmy tried to razz Ty about being on the cover–“Your family must be sooo proud!” he teased–which showed Ty wearing his inaugural fabric collection (Impressions with Westminster) stitched up in a QH-exclusive quilt design by Scott Hansen.

Ty–stand-up guy that he is–was our q-champion.

“Quilting, a lot like jazz, is a gift America has given the world,” Ty said.  And later, “When I do cover my body, I try to make it a quilt.” Ty, honey, have we said lately how much we love you??

Here’s the link to the segment: http://www.youtube.com/user/JimmyKimmelLive?blend=1&ob=5#p/search/0/n3GeHWe5z2Q

Ty comes on about 28 or 29 minutes into the show. You’ve gotta watch it!

Of course there was other celeb-chat, but Quilter’s Home got a lovely head-on close-up, and we love it! Thanks, Ty and Jimmy!

Love ya! Mean it!

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