TGIFF…pattern giveaway!

Thank God Friday comes around on a regular basis! Truly, it’s our fave day of the week, and partly because we get to play Lady Quiltiful and toss out freebies to our masses. (It’s good to be Queen.)

And this Friday Freebie comes right before Mother’s Day, which gives it extra significance in our minds. What would any stitchin’ mama want for Mother’s Day, other than a few quiet hours to piece in peace?  We love our babies, but imagine this: The thundering herd has gone to the movies…a little TJ’s lunch waits on the ironing board…the phone ringer is turned down…a cold drink is stashed out of harm’s way…and the machine is humming. Bliss!

If you get the chance to spend Mother’s Day in the sewing room (or even if you don’t), dig your needles into this crisp, snappy pattern from those crazy chicks at LizzieBcre8ive, Liz Hawkins and Beth Hawkins.

It's a Sunshine Day by LizzieBCre8ive

It’s a Sunshine Day first ran in Quilter’s Home back in July-August 2008–and used fabrics and trim from Michael Miller Fabrics–but the applique in this fanciful floral tribute has staying power. (And if you choose fusible as your method of application, it’s easy!)  Sunshine Day’s use of rick-rack (still a fun trend) gives it some multi-media panache, too. (Note to self: Try this with Riley Blake’s baby ball fringe??)

The creative duo has only gained speed since they designed It’s a Sunshine Day. Here’s a little of what they’re up to lately:

* New Hip Happy fabric line coming out next month with Henry Glass.

* New Quiltin’ Happy booklet coming out at Spring Quilt Market, featuring 7 hip and easy quilt patterns.

* New spring issue of their free  e-zine, Dream Laugh Create. (Check it out on their website. We heard rumors of more giveaways there, guys.)

Thanks, Liz and Beth, for being a part of the quilty fun. You’ll find all the directions and templates for It’s a Sunshine Day on the Quilter’s Home website. Enjoy!–Jake and Melissa

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5 Responses to TGIFF…pattern giveaway!

  1. WendyMT says:

    Thank you so much for this pattern … I love the design and it will always be a classic!

  2. Pam says:

    give aways are great…. and the best if it’s anything Lizzie B!!

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely gift!
    Happiest Mothers Day.

  4. madame samm says:

    Good Morning Melissa…love the new blog design, love the magazine…you just keep getting better and better. It is certainly my have to have magazine each month. I will place you on our blog roll at Stash Manicure. I think it is one mag that certainly keeps us in stitches..

  5. Melissa says:

    Thanks so much for including us in the blog roll at Stash Manicure (which is a lot of fun itself, btw). We appreciate your kind words, and thanks for helping us enlarge our reach. Keep in touch!

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