Mail call…

We got the nicest note the other day from Amy Bradley of Amy Bradley Designs.
“I love reading your magazine,” she says. “It is a breath of fresh air and it keeps getting better and better!”

Amy goes on to comment about a new pattern she slipped in with the note—a Christmas quilt and pillow assortment that includes a quirky penguin version and a striking nutcracker version with big toothy grins and fancy hats.

“Quilters are especially having fun making the nutcracker version,” she says. “It’s a great quilt for all those nutcracker collectors.”

The nutcracker version from Amy Bradley's new holiday quilt pattern

Thanks for the pattern update and the kind words, Amy! The Quilter’s Home deadlines and work-filled evenings (because we both work from home offices) are worth it when we hear back from readers.—Jake and Melissa

P.S. Amy also included one of her funky Quilt Diva pins, which will probably find its way into a reader giveaway soon. And that’s another fun part of our jobs…giving stuff away! Isn’t it great when some of your work is more like play?

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