TGIFF Results

If you haven’t already heard the news on the Quilter’s Home Facebook page, we’ve picked some lucky winners for this week’s Friday Freebie. The question was “What’s the best excuse you’ve heard (or given) for a trip to the fabric shop?” Here were the winning answers:

First Place–“I think I need a quilt for the afterlife and I ran out of one of the sashing fabrics.” –Liz Healy

Second Place–“I just need a little more binding and maybe a new sewing machine before I can finish the quilt. Binding–$1.79. New sewing machine–a little over $6,000.”–Sandy Thrasher Harbison

Third Place–“About to be hit by snow/ice storm. Had to stock up.”–Susie Gary Kirk

Here’s what Liz wins:

Our TGIFF giveaway for April 29...

It’s a full tower of Holly Taylor’s Dragonfly Summer collection by Moda.

Sandy and Susie will win goodie bags of unspecified nature, but they’ll be fun and quilty. (Jake is organizing her sewing room/office, which has TONS of fabrics and quilty tools from various suppliers.)

And if you didn’t win, well, you still won. Go to the Quilter’s Home website, where we just posted a free recipe for a Citrus Lavender Martini. Here comes the weekend!!–Jake and Melissa

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