Stripping with Eleanor

I got to watch Eleanor Burns strip Saturday.  

Yep, the great Ms. Burns put on quite a show for those of us attending the Young Piecemakers Quilt Guild on Saturday, April 9, in Corona, California. We'll be featuring more about this incredible guild whose members are all kids in an upcoming issue of Quilter's Home, but I just had to share with you now some of the fun we had at Eleanor's lecture.

Eleanor, made famous the q-world over by her fun-filled personality and classic PBS series, Quilt in a Day, claims she is actually very shy. No sign of that on the floor of the Performing Arts Center at Centennial High School! And I left completely understanding why she's as popular as she is among our kind.

Forced by a lack of stage lighting to mingle with the seated throngs instead of staying safe on the stage, Eleanor quickly made do with whatever she could get her hands on to display and demonstrate techniques from her latest book, 2nd Edition Radiant Star Quilts. And I do mean whatever. The young man who helped set up Eleanor's table (and whose name was lost in the cheering) gamely followed along with Eleanor's impromptu effort to turn him into an exotic dancer of the quilted kind. She persuaded him to throw out a few bumps and grinds as she tossed her 2 ” strips at him. Of course, she also offered her own set of moves as well, and left us all laughing. Here's a glimpse of the q-dance action.

Then, realizing she did not have a design board to demonstrate with, she then enlisted the same young man as the design board. That effort required the use of the gentleman's
back, clothed in a solid red T-shirt, upon which sections of pieced fabric would cling while Eleanor explained her methods.

Again, he was a great sport–God bless him!–and even when Eleanor jokingly threatened to pin the pieces to his back, he didn't flinch.  Who knew quilting could be so much fun?–Jake Finch

P.S. Don't miss the  August-September issue of Quilter's Home, where we'll share loads more about this unique guild!

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