Ty-ing One On

So, have we mentioned that the life of a magazine editor is hard? There's the planning, the deadlines, the unexpected problems, the complaints and the budget (oh, the
constant budget), which is constantly never enough. Yep, woe is we, we say.

Then again, there is nothing cooler in the world then getting paid to do what we do! And that has never been so obvious as this week, when we finally get to spill what we've been doing at Quilter's Home.

You know that hottie, Ty Pennington? The Mr. Blue Eyes of the Home Remodeling world who hosts ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition?

Well, he's not just a pretty face. He's a trained graphic designer who has worked in the décor field for years. He's also pretty artsy-crafty, and he used
his artistic talents to design a new fabric label for Rowan, the company that brings us Kaffe and Amy through Westminster Fibers and Heather and Valori through FreeSpirit Fabric (along with many, many other fabulous designers).

So Ty Pennington's Impressions collection is cool, but it isn't all that newsy. Here's a few snippets (in order of appearance– Moorish, Wave and Foliage):

The line debuted at Fall Quilt Market last October, and he's been making the rounds in some other quilt mags during the last few weeks. What IS news, however, is that we have him, but big, in the upcoming April/May 2011 issue of Quilter's Home Magazine! Yep, we roped that baby in a humongo way and we promise you'll have as much fun with him as we did.

We grabbed the first batch of Impressions off the boat and had the phenomenal Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios whip up an original quilt with Ty's threads.

  (Here's Scott, in case you don't know this very talented designer.) 

Scott's "Ty take" just rocks! The quilt, Brick House, is bright, bold, completely hip and modern with a touch of class–pretty much like Ty. This beauty will be offered as a pattern on our website (and we're the only quilt mag to have a Ty-exclusive quilt). Look for Brick House to pop up there at the end of March, about the same time as the April-May 2011 issue hits the mailboxes and newsstands. There's much more Ty-ness inside the mag, too, but we're gonna keep some of that 4-1-1 to ourselves for now, because, hey, we're such q-teases. We'll show some mercy in the coming weeks, though. We'll dish a little about what it was like to work with The Man

Sigh….Anybody got a cigarette and a light?

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