Weird Presents?

Presents are wonderful at any time of the year, but sometimes at Christmas, the sheer mental overload of having to come up with lots of presents causes some gift-givers to fry a few brain circuits. (Okay, we're being charitable here…)

But now that we've brought it up, what is the strangest gift you've ever received at Christmas?

Quilter's Home editor Melissa Thompson Maher can't come up with a single weird Christmas gift from her past. (Early on, she coached hubby Pat to avoid any gifts that had electrical plugs. Jewelry, of course, is conveniently free of electrical plugs.)

 Quilter's Home editor Jake Finch, however, has this to offer: "My stepmother, every year, even as an adult, would give me underwear. I never knew what to do with that, especially as an adult."

We tossed this question out to our Facebook buds and got some great answers. (What? You're not a "friend?" Go to and "like" us now!)  Here's what some of our FB friends had to say:

"My husband gave me a roadside emergency kit our first Christmas. How romantic!"-Jami M.L.

"My girlfriend gave me a Calgary Stampeders cheerleaders calendar. Hmmmm…what to do with that one?!"-Kim H.

"PJs four sizes too big!!! And no, I wasn't a child anymore, so no chance of 'growing into them'! LOL."-Elisabeth F.

"A top and a ring that were both way, way too small (and I was thin at that time) from a relative who obviously bought them for somebody else."-Mickey K.W.

"My stepmother (Hmmm, starting a theme here? Evil stepmothers?) once gave me a "jewel" encrusted computer mouse. It was uncomfortable to use and I did TRY to use it. It didn't work well either…and it was not a gag gift."-Sue L.

"A Tickle-Me Elmo sewn into a hollowed-out koala bear doll. Imagine my surprise when it started laughing and shaking unexpectedly. My mom is a little nutty about Xmas surprises."-Sasha A.

"Pantyhose. Yes, pantyhose. From my father-in-law, no less. Ick."-Donna S. B.

"I got a garbage disposal from my hubby. Now isn't that better than underwear or pantyhose??"-Patty W.

"My father-in-law gave me a broom and told me I could ride it home. Very funny – NOT!"-Helen A.

"OMG, clap on, clap off. Yep, that's right, The Clapper. Thank goodness it was a Secret Santa gift and I never found out who it was from. How ever do you act surprised?"-Beverly M.

Well, q-bies….guess this is how "re-gifting" got started. Have a happy one!

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