On-the-go tool box

On-the-go tool box

Never again go to a class or retreat, only to find you don’t have everything you need. We’ll help you pack!

It was one of those inevitable coincidences. . . like needing to hit the restroom just when the movie starts. Every time I took a quilting class or found myself sitting in front of my sewing machine at a guild retreat, I realized that I had forgotten some critical tool that I was really going to need. Most often, I would be rescued by kind, generous fellow quilters (who were not so lamebrained), but I always felt awkward about it.

And so, I resolved “Never again! I will never be forgetful again!” (Cue “Gone with the Wind” music and find me some dirt clods. Oh, wait. . . wrong drama.) I want to spare you the future agony of the unprepared quilter by giving you an exhaustive checklist of everything— every single thing--that you should take with you for classes and retreats.

This is not just a Mark Lipinski list (though that, in itself, would be stellar), but I tapped the trusty Posse for tips about what they bring with them to quilting outings.

For the record, I have all of the tools I need for piecing and quilting in my sewing room, but I have since bought a whole new set of tools and notions that I store in big plastic tool boxes from Lowe’s or giant fishing tackle boxes from Wal-Mart, plus a carrier for my self-healing mat and pressing board for on-the-run quilt making. That way, I just have to pick up my quilting tool kits, pack up my machine, and head off for a day or two of acrylic-ruler paradise.

Here’s what you need for your kit:

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I've had a traveling tool box for several years, due to my living in my camper for part of the year. All my smaller tools, rotary cutters, pins, needles, blades, thread, etc are stored in a large "craft tote" I obtained from Hobby Lobby. My cutting rulers and mats are stored under my mattress. And I sew with a 1938 Singer featherweight. A folding table ironing board and an iron makes it possible to sew and piece easily. And yes, I have another set for my home!!


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