New Stuff: September/October 2007

New Stuff: September/October 2007

Take your embroidery with you

Ever since I got my embroidery machine, I’ve been looking high and low for a travel case for it. Wouldn’t you know that Tutto would come up with one to actually match my Tutto sewing machine case? I feel the love, baby! The embroidery case stacks on top of the sewing machine case and is secured with straps for easy mobility. In my experience (and I have tried every case out there), there is no better rolling luggage for our expensive machines, sergers and now, embroidery units. If you do any traveling with your embroidery machine, this bag is something you must invest in. Did I mention they come in the most delish colors? You won’t be sorry and you’ll be calling me to thank me! Tutto Embroidery Bag, $85


Get really lit!

Now I know what I’m getting Lindsay, Britney, Paris, and Nicole this Christmas! Candletinis. You can’t drink them (although those gals will probably manage it some way, somehow), but they sure do smell great--and they burn for 75 long hours! This soy-wax blend candle is hand-poured into chic martini glasses with scents inspired by the hottest martini flavors: Appletini, Chocolate-ini (so not my fav) and Cosmo! Get drunk on the aroma and still be able to piece a quilt top with an accurate seam allowance! Candletini, $18.95


Light my fire

I have found Nirvana (and Kurt Cobain wasn’t there)! While I was at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago, I found The Rotary Lite, which is literally a little light “for use exclusively” with the Clover Rotary Cutter in three different sizes, 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm. Gimmick? Maybe, but I love the way the light works, zapping shadows from my acrylic rulers and giving me another tool for accurate cutting. They aren’t expensive. (And they’re not that exclusive to Clover’s rotary cutter either. I stuck the light onto other rotary cutters with zero problemo.) This light is a rotary-cutting miracle! C’mon, and see the light, baby! The Rotary Lite. $7.95 (The Rotary Lite batteries—3/$2.49)


Later, Starbucks!

Dump your morning java down the drain becaus I just found Shower Shock, which is the original caffeinated soap! No joke, dude. This peppermintscented bar boasts 12 washes with about 220 mg of caffeine per wash that is absorbed through your skin. Say adios to your kid’s extra Ritalin and kiss your teeth whiteners au revoir. Imagine how many quilts you can piece in a day with just one shower. ShowerShock, $6.99/bar




Wooly warm custom baubles

When French quilter Marie Laure started playing with fiber to create woolen toys for her children, her obsession with wool led her to the design and making of this neat jewelry. (Well, she did have a bit of help from her business partners--and sheep--Blanche and Cloud.) These one-ofa- kind, glass-bead and felted wool pieces are available in any length or color without a problem. Just make your request known when you order! Marie Laure Jewelry, $30 and up.


Butter me up

Just in time for autumn...Apple Butter! I love this stuff from the Bayfield Apple Co. and have actually had the chance to meet half of the Wisconsin couple which makes all of the company’s apple products with apples right from the family orchard. (She’s a quilter, by the way). Another favorite of mine is Bayfield’s Apple Mustard, which I’ve used as a glaze while grilling last summer. Besides the butter and mustard, there are a lot of different jams and jellies available, too. There’s nothing like having an apple butter-and-white bread sandwich before sitting down for a night of hand quilting (which is assuming I’ll start stitching before the jar is empty). Apple Butter $3.50/15 oz. Apple Mustard $3.50/8 oz.





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