Mark My Word March/April 2007

Mark My Word March/April 2007

Bonjour, My Quilting Queens!

Thank God for Photoshop.

When this magazine's dapper and very handsome CEO, Dave O'Neil, suggested that my image be on the cover because, as he put it, Quilter's Home is "a personality magazine," I cringed.

It's one thing to take a good photo now and then. It's another story to have your face plastered on magazine covers around the world. Now, if I looked like Dave O'Neil there wouldn't be a problem, but with a face like mine one has to be concerned.

As the former senior producer of ABC-TV's The View, I've seen famous people without makeup–sans special lighting, lenses, and camera angles–so I know miracles can happen. As a matter of fact, I've seen scads of celebrities up close and raw and know the supernatural powers of digital manipulation. So I agreed to give it a whirl, but not without a caveat.

I couldn't possibly be enhanced without blabbing to you about it. You know me. Besides, how would you ever recognize me in a quilt class? And worse, I don't want to hear the whispers about how fat, old, tired, and bald I look in person. I already know that.a

So here, for your enjoyment, is my before and after! If you look closely enough, it will be like playing the hidden-objects game in Highlights magazine, a staple of every pediatrician's office.

What does this have to do with quilting? Well, a lot, actually.

I know that I have made many quilts from patterns over the years. On close inspection, some weren't as good as the original designs, and some were much better. Sometimes they were more complicated to piece than they first appeared, and other times, the lucky times, the quilts looked more difficult to piece than they really were. There are circumstances when we color threads with Sharpies or rely on fusible webbing instead of old-fashioned appliqué to get the perfect results. Here's one for you, the quilted cake featured in this issue isn't a cake at all. I frosted a Styrofoam block with Crisco and flour. You see, not everything is as it seems.

So, my dears, Mark Lipinski's Quilter's Home continues to evolve. Remember to take what you read here and adapt the ideas, patterns, and articles to fit the way you want to live your life and play with your quilting. After all, no one really needs to know that you were inspired by a magazine. Not everything is as it seems.




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