Mark My Word July/Aug 2007

Mark My Word July/Aug 2007

Hey, Little Tumbleweeds!

I have to admit, even though quilting is my life, I loathe quilting during the summer! It's too hot and there are too many other things to do, like drinking margaritas by the side of some random body of water with a trashy book and SPF 98 slathered on every part of my body but my face––Daddy's got to get some summer tan on. Trust me when I say that I'm lying ON a quilt this summer and not slaving OVER one!

And with just a couple of months until summer draws to a close (Oh Gawd! How cliché), I'll tell you, Turnips, that I'll be looking forward to September 4, the official first day of Quilting Season! That's when I will wash the Coppertone from my swim trunks, pack away my blender, send Evan off to his first day of high school, and start hitting the shops for some serious, mega-dollar stash building and quilt pattern lusting. Oh yeah baby, the end of summer is just my calm before the storm.

It's during these dog days of summer that I take my machine in for its yearly machine-oscopy and I hit every quilt show and vendor I can get to, having a few laughs with like-minded spirits and inhaling the creativity of those sharing their talent. Now's the time I start collecting the books whose techniques I plan to master, and start planning what I'll be conjuring up for Quilt Market and Festival in Houston in the fall!

Yup, I hate quilting in the summer but I love thinking about it. It's during this down time that I find myself recharging for an even more creative and productive quilting future! So, lay back, relax and dream of fabulous notions dancing in your head or flying through the air on your colorful ribbon-winning quilts. You will hit the ground running in September, refreshed and inspired for a new season of quilting. That is if you lay off the margaritas by August so you don't end up in rehab!


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