Mark My Word Oct/Nov 2009

Mark Lipinski
Mark My Word Oct/Nov 2009

You know, things have always come fairly easily to me. That doesn't mean that there wasn't hard work along the way, but the ideas just flow in and out of my little wooden head as fast and as easily as celebutards at the Kabbalah Center. It's always been that way and there's just no explaining it, no rhyme nor reason.

I didn't come from particularly hypercreative stock. I was never dragged to a museum or cultural center, nor did I ever hear the classics being played on the high-fidelity console while I was growing up. The Beatles, maybe. Sergei Rachmaninoff? No way, Jose.

I was the kid with the crayons, the one always doodling on test papers and book margins. I touched every DMC skein at the five-and-dime,  and I drew plans of what my future mansion would look like and how I would decorate it, once I escaped Crafton Heights and the tyranny of  the colorless. Maybe I was a freak of nature, but, hey, I was a vibrant freak! And, my quilting colleagues, I suspect you were right there alongside me, coloring box in hand.

You see, it's my belief that we are born to be who we are. No one taught us to be imaginative, to love color, to want to feel fabric and to  create. Oh, yeah, we certainly have had our influences, but when push comes to shove, we were born creative . Yes, even you, turnips, who may mistakenly think you're living with Creative Deficit Disorder!

Let me ask you: Do you really think you quilt just because you want to? Well, if you do, that's rubbish. You quilt because you must quilt. It's in your DNA. You were hatched as a creative soul, just like anyone who ever picked up a rotary cutter. You were born for patchwork greatness! Embrace it.

Now, that's easier said than done. I know firsthand. You see, just like every Tom, Dick and Harry who insisted you color inside the lines,
every Quiltzilla, Quilt Kong and Tyrannosaurus-Quilt passively (and sometimes not so passively) beat into you the “right” way to piece fabric, sew a stitch, and make a quilt. Well, back off, Jack! You do what you want.

When you look at a pattern, never give a second thought to whether you have what it takes to make it or not. Just gather what you
need and do it when you're ready! Stop second-guessing your fabric choices. If you like something you see, buy it (these darn fabric lines go out of print so quickly that if you don't buy it when you see it, you ain't getting any at all). Finally, take the “if I coulds” and change them to “before I trieds.”

Put away the self-doubt and connect with the creativity you were born with. Forget about whether anyone actually likes the work you do, the
quilts you make or your vision of creativity. Who cares? You're doing what you do for yourself, to satisfy that visceral creative longing you were born with. Start your machine for yourself. Collect your stash for yourself. Design and cut and sew and color for yourself.

There will always be those who love what you do, and others who could care less. There will be people who realize your genius and those

who will belittle your journey. Does it really matter? You're a creatively independent grown-up now. Color where you want and how you want, and everybody else can kiss your patootie. So, make a plan today to grab your tools, make your patchwork the way you want to, and swim in the process. Baby, get back in touch with the vibrant creative freak you, I and all of us are meant to be. Take no hostages and make no excuses! Most of all, own your creativity!

xoxo Mark


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WOW, what a slap in the face! i wondered what happened to Mark in the Dec/Jan issue, and when the current issue was received, again NO MARK! i loved his snarky attitude. And for you GWF, i will NOT be renewing my subscription !
Can we folow you somewhere?!!!!?
I've never, ever, written to a magazine, but I can't let this go by! I just re-upped my subscription because of Mark. Can I un-subscribe?
Mark was Quilter's Home--totally! I just renewed a 2-year subscription which I now regret. The magazine is not the same--Mark's humor and persona cannot be imitated. Miss you!
Where is Mark?
I can't believe Mark is gone. There was no word about it in the last issue he was in. Well, no Mark--- no me. It just is not the same magazine without him. How disappointing.
so so sad
Mark, how sad that you have gone. The mag is not the same, and my subscription won't continue. I bought it on a fluke, I am the non-quilter who collects first editions of magazines, and subscribed as soon as I could. I have even started quilting.
Mark Leaving
I was looking on Facebook at Cinnamon Patch and found out that Mark is leaving Quilter's Home. It is the only magazine I read from cover to cover so I am very disappointed. He will be a very hard act to follow!
Mark's leaving?
I can't imagine how the magazine will carry on. I am beginning to feel like a jinx, every time I subscribe to a magazine it either goes belly up or the person that makes it the magazine it is leaves. I will be forever depressed.
Oh NO! I JUST discovered Mark!
I have a QH magazine I picked up a year ago...we had a big move after and during that time I have read it a zillion times...loving it. I just came to the site to get a subscription.....and I see he is leaving??? Yikes. So sad. I am glad I found out before getting one. Does anyone know if he will be writing elsewhere? I really would love to follow him...Thank you and please email me and let me know if he will still be writing somewhere!!
Mark Lipinski was Quilters Home
I very sad Mark is gone as well. I hope he pops up soon so I will know where to go to see the most wonderful human! I will be following him. His magazine is the ONLY ONE I read 4 or 5 times from Cover to Cover and I own every single copy! I very lucky to have had his talent in Home Quilters. Can wait to see you Mark
Used to be my VERY favorite magazine
I am so very sad to see Mark Lipinski leaving QH. It WAS Mark, and I see no way for anyone to take his place. I read this magazine cover to cover, unlike any other. I am deeply saddened.
where are you going
Did I miss something? My most favorite guy quilter leaving QH? Who's going to find the funnies in quilting, the oh so tue quiltzilla articles, recipes,food & drink,posse's,just to many great things about QH with you at the Helm Mark. Just love you,love you.
loved your encouraging words
You have a way with words, and I appreciate your encouragement to be whoever you were created to be. I can't imagine what Quilters' Home Magazine will be like without you, Mark. We will all miss you!
Thank You
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And, just in case you missed it, thank you. You deliver smiles and encouragement by the cartload! Thank you. Carol E.
You said it!
Thanks for saying what needed saying. Life is to short to dwell on rules and guide lines set up by others. Thank you for your encouragement each and every month. You inspire me. I love your magazine and every month I read it cover to cover. It is so refreshing to have ONE quilters magazine that realizes quilters are well rounded intellectually. I adore you!
Coloring where I want
I look forward to your encouragement every month. Sometimes when I quilt with friends, I read aloud from your writing to provide comic or ah-ha moments. We love you!


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